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  • Presentation

    In the current global context, at a time where our planet is suffering at the social, economical and environmental levels, at a time where whole populations have to leave their countries because (...)

  • The Board of Management

    The General Assembly implements the Board of Management into operational decisions and tasks of the Assembly. The Bureau is composed of : Geneviève LALOY, President Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci (...)

  • The General Assembly

    The General Assembly includes the Member Institutions of the Comenius Association. It appoints its members for the Board of Management .

  • The Origins Of The Comenius Association

    In March 1988, at a seminar organised by G.E.R.F.E.C. in Strasbourg, Mr Joan Maria Senent, educationalist at Escuela Univeritaria de Magisterio, "Edetania" of the University of Valencia (ES) and (...)

  • Objectives

    The basic philosophy of the Comenius Association presented in the introduction of the statutes (the extracts are attached), is to contribute to furthering the intercultural dimension in training (...)

  • Statutes

    The year 1993, 20 February, the undersigned agree to establish under the law of 27 June, nineteen hundred and twenty-one, between them and those who subsequently become members, a nonprofit (...)