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We are currently living in an incredible, unprecedented but above all complex and difficult period for everyone. With this global health crisis, we are all affected, personally and professionally by this unprecedented situation.

In the context of the many projects shared within the Comenius Association, the impacts of current circumstances are numerous. Most of our international weeks, various international meetings, stays of Erasmus students, staff mobility and other joint projects, everything has either been canceled or postponed.

In this context, we wish to assure all our empathy, our friendship and our support to all the partners of the Comenius Association.

Already thank you to everyone for what is put in place in the different member institutes to allow in one way or another, the remote monitoring of the journeys of students in mobility and the online advancement of the different international projects.

More than ever in this crisis situation, the Comenius Association must invest all its energy in education and intercultural encounter.

Let us remain in bond, united, in all possible ways, with creativity and positivism and continue as much as possible to build the international projects to come !

As a reminder, the Comenius Association is an international network of European institutions of higher education specialized in Teacher Training and Social Education.

It aims to contribute to the development of the intercultural competence in training European teachers and educators with the idea that they will in their turn develop it in the future.

It aims to encourage future teachers and educators to look beyond their borders and to open themselves to otherness.

It aims to learn to appreciate our differences, to create tools that will help to understand other cultures better.

It provides a large network of contacts, whose aim it is to facilitate exchanges at all levels and to promote intercultural projects and European programmes and other actions in the field of education.