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Documents intéressants
Hans Rosling : Don’t use news media to understand the world (English Subtitles).
Hans Rosling : Why boat refugees don’t fly : explanation why more expensive boats are chosen over cheaper flights to Europe.
Little satirical, enormously funny : overview over how US hears about the Immigration Crisis in EU, using parts from newsitems. In English.
European Refugee Crisis explained : schematic overview, English, Dutch subtitles.
Where are the Refugees today ? Gapminder foundation. Hans Rosling . 2015. Explains where the Syrian refugees went to : only a very small percentage applies for asylum in EU.
Article The Economist : Let them in and let them earn.

Not about the refugee crisis…
Hans Rosling : Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen. Ted Talks : wonderful (though old : from 2007)

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